Simstream BV – Building Physics Services

Offering a range of environmental simulation for the built environment. 

User-focused environmental design philosophy – sustainable solutions enhancing comfort & well-being

Including climate-based daylight analysis & glare modelling  to capture sunlight dynamics and guide design process

Dynamic thermal modelling for for the built environment from fabric and construction detailing to HVAC system analysis

Extensive experience with common European & international standards including:


⇒ UK Part L


⇒  Passivhaus

& more

10+ years Industry Experience

Simstream offers end-to-end building physics services across all project stages. We bring 10+ years of experience in sustainable building design & simulation, in both professional and academic contexts. Since 2008 we have been working with leading universities, forward-thinking city councils, and world-class engineering companies to bring effective, sustainable solutions to design problems in the built environment. 



⇒ Rhino 3D & Grasshopper for all computational design needs

⇒ IES Virtual Environment analysis suite for industry-standard energy simulation

⇒ Revit & AutoCAD

⇒ Honeybee & Ladybug Tools (including Energyplus, Radiance)

⇒ OpenFOAM CFD simulation

⇒ Experience with other software including PVSyst, DIVA, Blender, Sketchup, ANSYS CFX

⇒ Python, C#, VBA, gbXML